New Englands Premier Importer! 

About us:

Northeast Auto Imports LLC has been open since 2018! 

Serving as New Englands premier importer, we have a great selection of Japanese Domestic Imports! 

From camper vans to Japans hero cars, we do it all!

How we started: 

I got my first JDM vehicle when I was in high school—it was a 1990 Nissan Skyline GTST that I found on Craigslist. I purchased it from a Veteran that brought the car back to the states with him from Okinawa, Japan. I loved the car and had a lot of fun in it! After I sold that first Skyline, I purchased another one, but a GTR this time. After I had my fun with the GTR I sold that as well and decided to have another one actually imported for me. Everything went great with that first import, but when I went back to the same importer and decided to purchase two more vehicles from him, they never ended up coming in. After that I wanted to figure out how to import these vehicles myself. I successfully brought my first two self-imported vehicles into the States—a Suzuki Cary and a Mazda RX7. I loved those vehicles and had great luck with selling them. After that I imported a couple more JDM vehicles and really began to fall in love with the car culture of Japan. I love the vans, cars, k-trucks, and everything else that comes with these JDM vehicles. Next, some friends contacted me to import some cars for them. After that went well, I decided I wanted to make a living out of doing this. Now I am lucky enough to have my own JDM import shop and sale lot, two full time service technicians, and I get to come to work excited each and every day spreading my love for JDM vehicles right here in New England (and beyond).